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There are several credit report service providers (also termed as credit monitoring service) available nowadays. To stop your chance of falling into a dilemma, we are here, including the best four of such services. Let’s see the four best credit report services –


IdentityForce® has two offers, UltraSecure and UltraSecure plus Credit. This service provider features some exclusive security options to monitor your credit card-related info on several sites & services (Dark web, Social Media. Court records, etc.). In social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), IdentityForce® checks is there any illegal activities (preserved as Profane/Discriminatory) was accomplished using your credit information or not.


Any potential fraud activities on your bank account, Credit card, Investment account- you can get notification continuously from IdentityForce. Not only this, if any unusual activity happens using your Medical ID, Social Security Number, and Your Address, IdentityForce will notify you immediately.

If you want the most extensive service, we suggest you choose the UltraSecure+ Credit offer. It’s a complete package that offers you additional benefits of all Three-Bureau credit Monitoring Service with your Credit Updates. If suddenly your credit score change, you also can be notified over time. And besides this, if you are signing up for this offer, you will get the first three months of free service.

Privacy GuardTM is called a runner up at credit report service provider. As its cost is higher than IdentityForce, we made it runner up. However, despite owning a higher cost, it also offers an extensive offer to its users. Users can get a credit alert from three-bureaus, including all New Information, Monthly Credit Score, Report Updates, etc.


Unlike Identity Force, PrivacyGuard has three different types of offers for the credit cardholder. First of all, you can give it a try, only paying $1 for the first fourteen days. After using the first fourteen days, it will depend on you which plan you want to purchase. The cost of each plan is different from the other.

Basic PrivacyGuard Identity Protection Plan covers the Theft Insurance, Public& Dark Web Scanning, Monitoring of the Personal Details (Social Security Numbers, Credit/Debit number with your full name). Unfortunately, this basic plan does not work for monitoring your credit report.

The Mid-tier PrivacyGuard plan has extensive coverage of Credit Monitoring, Monthly Credit Score Checking, Credit Report Tracking, etc. But again, unfortunately, this plan is not featuring Dark Web Scanning, Identity Theft Insurance, etc.

The third plan, which is last as well, costs a little a bit ($24.99 monthly) but covers a combined service of your Identity and Credit Plan.


Experian also works by two types of plans, one is IdentityWorks Plus, and another one is IdentityWorks Premium.Both the Plus and the premium plans are work both for your Dark Web Surveillance, Social Security Number, Change of Address Alerts with Identity Theft.

However, the Experian Plus plan will offer you Credit Monitoring Service, but you have to be an Experian Credit card holder. And an additional cost of $10 with your premium plan will get a three-bureaus Credit Monitoring Service.

Don’t think it has only a family plan; if you do not need a family plan, you have to. for one adult plan (30 days free trial).

FICO® Advanced:

Costing: $19.95 to $39.95 per month

Credit Bureaus Monitoring: Experian (Basic Plan), Equifax, TransUnion (Advanced, Premium Plan)

Credit Scoring Modelling: FICO

Dark Web Scanning: Yes

Identity Insurance: Up to $1 Million.

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